The Jasmine Throne – a fantastic new desi SFF adventure – blog tour + review

Desi fantasies will never stop exciting me. When I found out about The Jasmine Throne, I will admit I had barely any idea about what the story was. I went into it blind and was very much surprised with what I got.

The Jasmine Throne is a desi fantasy set in a world of magic and politics and misogynistic, patriarchal leaders. In the midst of it all we have our two main leads – Priya and Malini, one a servants-maid and one a princess in exile. Along with them are a host of varied side characters who play major roles too. When Priya and Malini’s paths collide, they have to trust each other – despite being from the enemy lines – and help to save each other’s lives. What follows is a stunning tale of love, family, loyalty and strength.

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Witches Steeped in Gold – a Jamaican inspired fantasy – review + blog tour + giveaway (UK & the commonwealth)

When I saw the cover reveal for Witches Steeped in Gold, I was very drawn. I mean, its natural for a reader to be attracted to a book by its cover, right? Surely, it was on my anticipated releases this year and I’m so glad I got to read it.

To explain WSIG in simple words, it is an enemies-to-allies story with betrayal, magic, black girl power and a hint of romance. But again, describing the book in these mere words would be utterly wrong, as the story is so much more and goes deep.

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In Deeper Waters – a magical sea adventure – review + blog tour + giveaway (US and intl)

A young prince must rely on a mysterious stranger to save him when he is kidnapped during his coming-of-age tour in this swoony adventure that is The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue meets Pirates of the Caribbean.

An adventure set at the sea, with magic and romance, and the danger of warring kingdoms – sounds like the perfect mix for an exciting story. And that was, in simple words, what In Deeper Waters was. Set in a kingdom by the sea, journeying through the waters, and the towns near the banks, IDW follows Tal, a young prince on his coming-of-age tour, as he finds himself in the midst of a rouge kidnapping.

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Favorite reads from January ’21 and why you should read them too

The new year really started with a bang when it came to my reading, I won’t lie. The books I picked up in January were really so good that I ended up with multiple five star reads – one that made me sob at two am in the morning, another that has me screaming with that climactic ending still, and more sweet reads that I will cherish. Sure, there were a few disappointments but I do not want to focus on them. Instead, on today’s blog post, I’ll be recommending you all my favorite reads from January and tell you why you must read them.

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Interview with Akemi Dawn Bowman – author of Starfish, Summer Bird Blue, Harley in the Sky and The Infinity Courts – TIC buzz week celebration

I have always adored Akemi and her books, and being a part of her street team had been nothing short of amazing. I was so lucky to have gotten an early manuscript of her upcoming book to read and fawn upon. Coming on April 16th, The Infinity Courts is her debut YA science fiction and when I tell you it was super, fabulous, amazing and completely blew me away – I mean it.

Westworld meets Warcross in this high-stakes, incisive, dizzyingly smart sci-fi about a teen girl navigating an afterlife in which she must defeat an AI entity intent on destroying humanity.”

Already sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

So, I sat down with Akemi to talk about The Infinity Courts, science fiction and diversity, writing and so much more. This interview is absolutely spoiler free so read on and enjoy! There’s a little extra something at the end too, so stay haha!

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Monthly Reading Wrap Up – October

Happy November, readers and people of the internet! Gosh, how are we in November already? It seems like only yesterday that we were experiencing Summer, and now its time for winter already. Damn. I do not like this at all.
That said, the month of October was kind of hectic and so exhausting. With the load of college, online classes and numerous assignments, I hardly got time to read. Still, I did manage to read seventeen books – yeah, LOL – and here’s a run-down of all the books I read last month.

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Come On In – an anthology of fifteen stories about immigration and home – review + blog tour

When it comes to reviewing and rating an anthology, I always find myself at a fork-road. Especially stories like those in Come On In. I’m not the biggest fan of anthologies, to be honest, there are only a selected few I’ve enjoyed. When I started Come On In, I didn’t really know what to expect – I had only a vague idea about what the book was about and that was it. But reading this book – my heart is full of hope and love. Truly.

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