Welcome (back)

Hello, people of the internet! 

It’s me, Kajree, again. Haha. Well, I honestly don’t know how to start this but here we go anyway. 

I’ve been blogging for more than two years, initially going by ‘The Art of Living’ on WordPress. This was actually the title of a book I was writing for Wattpad (which I soon gave up on due to various reasons) and decided on it being my blog ID. At that time, I hadn’t really thought through on what I wanted to do with my blog – it was mostly me wanting to post my writings and helpful pieces. Something like @/thethoughtcatalogue on Instagram but on a blogging page. But then, my bookstagram started simultaneously, started reviewing books, and I felt like my blog really did not reflect on what I was posting – the reviews, the promotional tours, the guest posts, and the writings. The Art of Living simply did not reflect that. 

So come January 2020, I decided to take the jump and change my blog ID. I changed it to Paperbacks and Pen, which is also my bookstagram ID, and everything was well and fine. Finally, a blog name that reflected me (I wanted to get serious with the blogging world okay). But guess what happened then? I viewed my blog and I saw that all of the followers that I had gained in the past two years had been wiped out, leaving only a mere number of 1. And I was so crushed but kept my hope in thinking it was just a small glitch. After that, people took out the time to follow my new address again and the followers raised to 10. I thought, yes okay fine, it will be okay. Fast forward a few months, and my follower count went down to 3. 

I honestly have no idea why this happened. I had sent messages on the customer help forum but got no helpful replies. All of them said it will return back but it did not. A few days back, that number had further gone down to 2 followers. Now, look, it wouldn’t have mattered much but who are we kidding – in this blogging and bookstagram world, follower count matters at least a little. My main concern was that without people following me, my post updates wouldn’t reach them, which would ultimately mean lesser views on my blog and lesser traffic. 

Last week, I had sent another message to the forum, hoping for some help, and waited 24 hours before taking a decision. It wasn’t helpful, at all. And hence, I took a deep breath, exported all of my posts, and deleted my blog. 

It wasn’t impulsive this time. 

And here I come back again, with a new blog. 

I want to blog properly this time, having a simple plan on what I want to post. You might see some old posts and reviews up again. I want to say thank you to whoever has helped me so far and stayed through all of my whinings. I hope you’ll support me again and I hope this time I don’t make any more mistakes. Thank you for sticking through for so long and helping me all throughout. 

So here I restart my blog again.