Interview with Gloria Chao – author of Rent a Boyfriend, Our Wayward Fate and American Panda

Last year, I got lucky enough to read an early copy of Rent a Boyfriend. And then immediately fell in love with the story. A fake dating trope that takes the concept of renting boyfriend during holidays to keep nagging parents at bay (that rhymed, lol)? Exciting! And so was the book. So I slid into Gloria’s emails and asked for an interview because, like the curious soul I am, I wanted to know more behind the scenes of writing and the book.

And here is the very fun and AMAZING interview that I had with her. From writing and diverse rep to book and movie recs, I hope you enjoy it!

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Interview with Akemi Dawn Bowman – author of Starfish, Summer Bird Blue, Harley in the Sky and The Infinity Courts – TIC buzz week celebration

I have always adored Akemi and her books, and being a part of her street team had been nothing short of amazing. I was so lucky to have gotten an early manuscript of her upcoming book to read and fawn upon. Coming on April 16th, The Infinity Courts is her debut YA science fiction and when I tell you it was super, fabulous, amazing and completely blew me away – I mean it.

Westworld meets Warcross in this high-stakes, incisive, dizzyingly smart sci-fi about a teen girl navigating an afterlife in which she must defeat an AI entity intent on destroying humanity.”

Already sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

So, I sat down with Akemi to talk about The Infinity Courts, science fiction and diversity, writing and so much more. This interview is absolutely spoiler free so read on and enjoy! There’s a little extra something at the end too, so stay haha!

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Interview with Aminah Mae Safi – author of This is All Your Fault – blog tour + giveaway (US)

Hello lovely people! Today on the blog, I have the very special and adorable Aminah Mae Safi, whose book This is All Your Fault came out on the 13th October, 2020. Set in the course of one day in an indie bookstore, three young girls come together to save the bookstore from collapsing.I got an opportunity to chat with Safi as part of the promotional blog tour for her book, thanks to TURN THE PAGE TOURS. So without further ado, let’s hop onto the interview. Hope you enjoy it!

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Interview with Nikki Barthelmess – author of The Quiet You Carry, Quiet No More

Hello book people! I have an interesting and beautiful author interview with Nikki Barthelmess, author of The Quiet You Carry and Quiet No More. Her books are tough and difficult reads, but very important to learn something. This is also a creative post as a part of the book tour with TBR and Beyond tours! Without further ado, let’s jump into the mini interview!

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Interview with Tanaz Bhathena – author of A Girl Like That, The Beauty of the Moment, Hunted by the Sky

Hello people of the internet! I have a special author interview on my blog today, whose fantasy debut had me craving for more. Tanaz Bhathena’s fantasy debut has been creating all sorts of sparkle and hype in the book world, and rightly so. Inspired by medieval India, and laden with Indian as well as Persian myths, Hunted by the Sky is a fantasy worth your time (I did a small cover recreation of HBTS on my bookstagram, check it out and let me know if you like it hehe). We talked about world building and how to keep writing, and a little bit about HBTS’s sequel too. So let’s jump right into the interview!

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Interview with Rachel Lynn Solomon – author of Today Tonight Tomorrow, Our Year of Maybe and You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone

Hello book lovers! Today I have a very special interview with one of my favorite authors, Rachel Lynn Solomon! Her new book Today Tonight Tomorrow comes out today and if you enjoy enemies-to-lovers trope as well as #ownvoices stories, this is definitely a book for you. Check out my review here.

Read on for some fun questions, book recommendations, writing tips and Rachel’s favorite tropes!

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